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Chris Lewis

About Me

Programmer & Data Scientist

With more than a decade of programming experience under my belt, it is truly a remarkable accomplishment for me. In 2002 I made the unfortunate decision to dropout of high school. Having suffered from severe ADHD all my life, I finally resolved to harness it for good rather than let it ruin me. Several years later, with inspiration from my uncle, my determination and commitment would reignite and see me earn a Bachelor of Science and two minors, with honors, from Missouri State University.

What ambition I lacked in high school has completely rebounded, and I live with the everlasting goal to learn more every day. Learning is a life long experience and few choose to keep going. That drive is ignited by a desire to understand and to help others do the same. As a result, all of my efforts in the last few months have been committed to scientific endeavors. In all my pursuits, my programming abilities have changed how I think about the world, how I process things, and ultimately, the path I take to tackle issues. I have established a foundational belief that drives me, and that is, "Many people do not know the questions to ask or what is possible."

"Learning is a life long experience and few choose to keep going..."

As I advanced in programming, I began to seek out where best to focus my efforts. Having been introduced to the 'big data' problem, I realized that was the direction. We now have sensors that can scan the earth every 90 minutes collecting petabytes of data. It would take multiple lifetimes to process such vast quantities of data. What good is data collection if you cannot efficiently process it? There are thousands of databases out there, treasure troves of information, most of which lie unprocessed. What hides in the recesses of that data that we missed from not processing it, or what new understandings can we derive from it with advanced machine learning? I believe we can better understand our world if we better understand how to collect and process our data. That has become my main focus, seeking new means to process and understand visually what scientific data is trying to tell us. The more secrets we uncover, the more understanding we gain.

Personal Information

  • NameChris Lewis
  • Age34 Years Old
  • ResidenceWildwood, Missouri
  • Phone(412) 554-0710
  • FreelanceFamily & Friends
  • ResearchAbsolutely!*
  • BS DegreeGeology
  • Minor 1Remote Sensing
  • Minor 2GIS

Research Interests

  • - Planetary Science
  • - Geomorphology
  • - Remote Sensing
  • - Spectroscopy
  • - Geologic Hazards
  • - Seismology
  • - Karst Hydrology
  • - Paleogeography

* I will be looking to attend
graduate school Fall 2021

Free Services*

GIS Data Science

Maps give us an extra dimension to understand our data and can be used to explore changes over time.


LiDAR allows us to create digital elevation models for which to base studies on virtual terrains.

Database Administration

An efficient database structure is the first crucial step to organizing and processing data.

Aerial Photography

Drones coupled with python have reinvented aerial photography and now can be automated and timed.

3D Modeling

Photogrammetry with LiDAR can produce some stunning results.

APP Development

96% of the population have smart devices, enough said!

Website Design

If your project is needing a website, lets talk.

Adobe Applications

From interactive PDFs, Photoshop work, movie creation, etc.

Advanced Excel

Excel is a wonderful tool, but few truly know how to exploit it for true data visualization.

MATLAB Scripts

MATLAB can give you a world of opportunity for understanding and visualizing your data.

Website Hosting

A dedicated server with 96GB of ram and an 8TB solid state drive to host any research project or website.

Research Solutions

Sometimes solutions to research problems are the ones you didn't know where possible.

* Free only to friends or projects I find interesting to help with..

Project Affiliations

My Favorite Quotes

My Resume


  • CEO | Founder

    RealDocs, St. Louis, MO, USA

    A dynamic and enhanced user interface for managing documents between parties. Currently serving the real estate, academia, and healthcare industries

    2021 2017
  • Programmer | Founder

    Repo Solutions, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

    Created and managed the web presence of several major repossession companies across the United States. Served as advisor to the American Recovery Association in software development

    2017 2013
  • Account Manager

    Premier Finance Adjusters, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

    Served as account manager for repossession accounts for clients such as Ally Bank, Ford Motor Credit, Capital One, etc. Liason between repossession agents and lender

    2015 2007


  • Bachelor of Science Geology

    Missouri State University, Springfield, MO, USA

    General geology course load with additional focuses on geomorphology, geology of the moon, physics of space flight, as well as MATLAB. (3.5 GPA Cum Laude)

    2019 2016
  • Minor Geography (GIS)

    Missouri State University, Springfield, MO, USA

    Focused on enhanced map creation, feature classification, DEMs, watershed delineation, georeferenced overlays, change detection, and more.

    2019 2016
  • Minor Geospatial Science

    Missouri State University, Springfield, MO, USA

    Focused on aerial photography, LiDAR, reflectance spectroscopy, utilized Envi Software for enhanced photo analysis and interpretation.

    2019 2016

Software Skills

Esri ArcGIS




Harris Envi


Adobe CS






Coding Skills





JavaScript, jQuery, & AngularJS




Java & Fortran




Library Resources

  • All
  • Programming
  • Geology
  • Space
  • Mathematics
  • Misc

Occasionally, people ask about books I'd recommend so I figured this might be useful.
While not an exhaustive list of books I own, they are the ones I believe stand out in their respective fields.
More books to come soon and recommendations are always welcome!
All pictures and links are provided from Amazon

Research Grants

Request Form

Many pursuits in science are faced with limited, to no monetary resources. While I cannot fund everything, I will fund projects that I find of mutual interest and those that help advance humanities understanding of the science therein. I will occasionally take field trip requests from group leaders/professors. The one thing I ask in return is any papers produced, an acknowledgement be made. Maximum grant amount not set anymore! (don't be greedy)

Request Requirements

  • - Full Name
  • - Title
  • - Academic Year (If Student)
  • - Academic Affiliation 501(c)(3)
  • - Research Subject
  • - Summary Explanation
  • - Detail Funds Usage
  • - Short Bio
  • - Agree To Terms
  • - Deadlines Mar 30 & Oct 31

Grant Areas

  • - Planetary Science
  • - Geomorphology
  • - Remote Sensing
  • - Spectroscopy
  • - Geologic Hazards
  • - Seismology
  • - Karst Hydrology
  • - Paleogeography
  • - Miscellaneous Geology
  • - Scientific Programming
  • - Astronomy
  • - Field Trips
  • - ADHD

Live Telescope

Currently Offline

Currently Online

Sunlight map by the amazing people at

Telescope Information

  • BrandMeade
  • TypeRitchey-Chretien (ACF)
  • Aperture14"
  • CoatingsUHTC
  • Focal Length3,556mm
  • Focal Ratiof/10
  • SoftwareBisque TheSky X Pro
  • CameraSBIG STX-16803
  • LocationMexico, Missouri

Contact Me


Wildwood, Missouri
(412) 554-0710